In conferences, keynote speeches, noon-time lectures and workshops, I teach anthropology and its connection to design and architecture. I also offer workshops: The focus remains on sustainability and pro-sociality.


Humans have a predisposition to selfishly consume and think of only short-term effects of their doings. But, in a different situation humans are also capable of enormous foresight, generosity and pro-sociality. Using the design-thinking method of Stanford´s mixed with scientific theory, I can help your business idea fit in such a way as to bring out the most in us humans. Below are examples of workshops I have held.

The Sharing Economy

It has become crucial to shift our business models from ownership of material goods to use. Here, circular business models and packaging ideas are explored for a more fulfilling experience of the end user and less wasted resources.

True wealth lies not in ownership of property, but in the right to use it


Design for the Circular Economy

On a planet with finite resources, inhabited by humans with an infinite appetite for novelty, the only viable system for human patterns of production and consumption is the Circular Economy. Governmental policies, consumer demands as well as dwindling raw materials are all making a switch to more sustainable product-service-systems inevitable. In this workshop we think of ways of closing the loop of resources while  opening the flows of information. 

Anthropology and Design

Human economics is undeniably linked to biodiversity loss, water pollution, air and soil and resource depletion. Humans have always been designers: For safety, shelter, experiences and a sense of belonging we have always manipulated our environment. Through a mixture of anthropological theory and design thinking we can prototype and model future cultural expressions.

Biophilia in Spatial Design 

Humans have an innate need for a connection with nature and a surrounding resembling the shapes and forms of nature. In this workshop we will explore spacial and lighting design to fit human preferences as documented by science.

Keynotes and Company Lectures

Social and ecological sustainability can only be achieved by addressing human factors. An input from the anthropological sciences focusing on the specific needs of a company and its stakeholders can be inspirational and help unlock creative potential. I have held such lectures at places such as IDEO, Propelland, Kiska and Vitra.

Put on the Lens of Anthropology!


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