Circular Design Conference

November 13-14, 2015, Kuchl

What are the most important skills to compete in the Circular Economy? How do business models have to change? What are the challenges faced by product managers to effectively close the loop of resources?

Circular Design

The three of us were a very strong organizational team with a wide network of expertts working in the Circular Economy. Sonja Eser is a biologist and circular design consultant ( who works closely with the cradle 2 cradle products inovation institute. Dominik Walcher, an architect and marketer knows many key players in product management and production and has organised several conferences. And I represented human factors so very important in the crucial switch to the Circular Economy.


We had an impresive list of speakers: Prof. Dr. Conny Bakker from the TU Delft, Prof. Dr. Jonathan Chapman from the University of Brighton, Prof. Ursula Tischner from the FH Johanneum in Graz as well as many other professionals.

Classes & Workshops

The conference was structured into several tracks, all of which included hands-on workshops with tangible outputs. Perhaps the most memorable workshop and surely the best icebreaker for a conference was at the very beginning when we asked partipants to dissasemble obsolete household appliances. Takeaway: Consumer goods often built to break early and rarely built to be repaired.


Why are we constantly encouraged to buy more products, all of which made of virgen materials? Why, when one feature on our smartphones fails to work, do I have to throw away the entire thing? This book, edited by Sonja Eser and Michael Leube is a collection of the most important, practical strategies presented at this strategy for the designers of the products and services of tomorrow.

Featured Speakers

We had the priviledge to hear Prof. Dr. Conny Bakker from the TU Delft deliver an inspirational lecture on “Product Design for Circular Business Models”. A different approach to sustainability called “Emotionally Durable Design” was presented by Prof. Dr. Jonathan Chapman from the University of Brighton. Dr. Ursula Tischner, working at the FH Johanneum in Graz delieverd a talk on “Open Innovation in a Circular Economy”. Click on the link to our webpage where you will find all videos of the conference.

Prof. Dr. Jonathan Chapman

“Emotionally Durable Design”

Prof. Dr. Conny Bakker

“Product Design for Circular Business Models”

Dr. Ursula Tischner

“Open Innovation in. Circular Economy”

Watch Conny Bakker´s Presentation for our Conference

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